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Leading Wine Consultant & Store Manager

     I was born in January 1961. My entire education is from the Baltimore area.  I went to Rodgers Forge Elementary, Dumbarton Junior High, and graduated from Towson High School.  I then attended Towson State University, receiving my bachelors’ degree in business management and psychology. Since I grew up in Rodgers Forge just a few blocks from Wells, one can say I have never strayed far from the nest!

     I started working for Wells as a stockman in the fall of 1983. I can remember this clearly as it was the year that the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series. I know, it seems so long ago!

     My interest in wine began a couple of years later when I was helping unload approximately 700 wooden cases of wine. Well, they happened to be our first 1982 Bordeaux and it was a huge “event”. Several of those bottles were opened and I tried a few. I had no idea what I was tasting but what a way to start!

     After attending countless wine courses, seminars and reading countless books and journals, here we are 30 some years later!


What I'm drinking right now: