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President, Owner and Operator    

     For many years, I just worked in Wells. Never would have thought that I would have to run a business.  However, my husband (Michael Hyatt) suffered a brain bleed that made it impossible to come back to work. He took care of everything in Wells. Now I was thrown in headfirst to keep Wells up and running just like Michael wanted. When I eventually retire, my daughter Roxy will take over the family business so Wells will continue to serve the Baltimore area for years to come.

     Unlike many owners, I am physically working in the store 5 days because I love to help customers. I am proud to say that Wells has been a small family-owned and operated business since 1937 but I have only 33 years.

      I am so proud of my employees; they have kept us going through the years. Currently, I have the most knowledgeable and friendly staff. They appreciate and value every customer that walks through the front door. With customers like ours, it is easy!

     Through the years, I have discovered my love of tasting new wine. When I love a particular bottle, I can’t help but share it with my customers. I try and educate everyone that you can get a great bottle in any price range. 


What I'm drinking right now: