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Wine Consultant/ Manager

     I joined Wells in October of 2021. Life often works in strange ways. Nearly 35 years ago, a “wine consultant” at Wells, convinced my wife and me to attend a wine tasting and book signing by Robert Parker at the National Aquarium.  As we were both primarily beer drinkers, we were mostly attracted by the free passes to the aquarium and agreed to attend.  We tasted the E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone that evening and the hook was set. I thought to myself, “so, this is what everyone is so excited about”.

     On a subsequent business trip to Boston, a waiter recommended a Barbaresco at an Italian Bistro. I was captivated.

     My desire to learn about, and enjoy, wines from all the great wine regions of the world was born (and has only grown more intense with time).  Wine has had a tremendous influence on my life.  Many of my dearest friendships have been hatched over a conversation, tasting or event where this social beverage was the focal point. Wine transcends all.  It joins folks from very diverse backgrounds.  One’s wealth, religious or political beliefs, ethnicity or race often become irrelevant when a common appreciation for a delicious glass of wine exists.  I have gotten to know so many people I would likely have never had the opportunity to even meet, were it not for said mutual admiration of the fruit of the vine. It is my practice to never judge, but rather to understand the wine buyer’s palate, occasion, or purpose for purchase, and of course, financial commitment, when assisting on a selection of wine(s). My hope is for everyone to experience the magic of wine that has been such a positive aspect of my life.

What I'm drinking right now: